Polska wersja | Polish version

E-resources must be used according to the terms and conditions of licence agreements and copyright. Failure to meet these conditions can result in blocking the access not only to users violating the rules, but also to the whole university.

OUTech staff, doctoral students and students are authorized to use electronic resources.

It is allowed to:

  • browse, play and open e-resources,
  • copy and store materials, provided the terms and conditions of licence agreements and copyright are obeyed,
  • use only for scientific, research, and educational purposes,
  • use citations in appropriate citation style or include the following amendment “with authority of the copyright owner”.

It is forbidden to:

  • create local archives (copying or printing full issues of a given journal and full texts of books),
  • use spiders to download materials and copying more than fair dealing limits. Making copies or printing is permitted only for fair use purposes,
  • intentionally remove or alter any copyright management information. No person shall remove the name of, and other identifying information about, the copyright owner of the work, including the information set forth in a notice of copyright,
  • use materials for commercial purposes. Making e-resources available to non-authorized users is forbidden.

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