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Library opening hours during the Easter

Easter 2019


BWEiZ 04 en

"Mój kraj, moja książka - My country, my book" - take part in a photo contest!

My country EngAre you passionate about reading? Do you like to photograph? Discover what you read and win valuable prizes! A unique exhibition for the best competition photography!

Be original - send a photo of your book with a short description.

The results will be announced on May 21, 2019 on the occasion of the International Day of Cultural Diversity.

Read the regulations!

Welcome in the summer semester!

Laptopownia enWe invite you to the library in the new semester. In the Main Reading Room you can work in a traditional way. "Laptopownia" is a place of greater freedom, it is our "chillout" zone, where you can comfortably sit on sofas or armchairs and, for example work on a laptop or spend time with friends waiting for classes.

Address of Main Reading Room:
Room 107
31 gen. K. Sosnkowskiego Street

We wish all students good results in the summer semester and a successful student’s life!


BWWFiF 29.01.en